About Us

Richard Holden BBQ is on a mission to bring barbecuing skills to more people across the UK.

We host live product demonstrations and bespoke hands-on masterclasses, all of which educate and inspire others to get creative with food and give barbecuing a go. We’re on a mission to put the excitement back into the UK’s BBQ culture, giving people the confidence to experiment with sustainable outdoor cooking, and bringing groups together over a real love of food.

We’re all about cooking from scratch using the best quality ingredients. Because when you cook from scratch, you know exactly what’s gone into your food and can really engage with your ingredients, creating the most beautiful dishes imaginable.


A bit more about Richard:

After graduating from Tante Marie Culinary Academy in April 2012, Richard worked for one of London’s premier catering companies before spending three years with Weber, the UK’s Number One BBQ Business. It was at Weber that Richard discovered his passion for teaching, touring the UK demonstrating the ‘lid down’ cooking method to thousands of people and introducing them to the unlimited range of dishes that can be cooked up on a barbecue. Richard has since led barbecuing demos at some of the UK’s top foodie events, including Grillstock, CarFest and Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival.

It was Richard’s overflowing passion for barbecued British food and teaching others how easy it is to cook it, that led him to launch Richard Holden BBQ in 2015: a cookery school which passes on the skills and passion needed to cook up a world-class barbecue.

In his free time, Richard volunteers with the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, fundraising for their Fifteen Apprentice Programme and passing on the skills he’s learnt to the young people on the course, continuing to inspire others through his love of food.