5 Steps to Get Your Charcoal Grill Ready For Spring

Continuing the theme of getting your grill ready for Spring here is my 5-step guide to getting your charcoal barbecue ready for the warmer weather, and those evenings of alfresco living. While a precook burn-off will suffice the majority of the time, I give my grills the once over at the start of the year […]

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BBQ Kit Buyers Guide

If you’re browsing online, or buying in-store the choice can be overwhelming when you’re confronted with all the utensils that surround BBQ’s and outdoor cooking. I remember the first time I walked into a BBQ showroom and just wondering how on earth you could need any of the things there, but as I began cooking […]

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Pulled Pork

I have a love hate relationship with pulled pork because when it’s done the authentic way it is a true barbecue sensory experience! The sweet, succulent and smokey strands of protein, with the right balance of seasonings, smoke and sauce are perfect when you’re in need of a classic barbecue soul food hit! Where I […]

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1st Time BBQ Buyers Guide

Choosing a barbecue can seem like a minefield for first time buyers as there are so many choices. This guide is set out to help you get educated on what it all means, so when you do finally walk into the barbecue showroom you are in control of your buying decision. My 6 Step Guide […]

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6 Steps to Get Your Gas Grill Ready For Spring

Cleaning is always a hot topic whenever I teach a class or give a demonstration, and people are always surprised when I say that for day-to-day cooking, a good “burn-off” of the grate is perfectly adequate. Well, it’s that time of year when some of you may not have used your grill much over the […]

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