Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar plank salmon was always on restaurant menus when I lived in Canada. It’s a traditional technique of cooking fish sides over fire using a split branch, or in this case a wood plank as a heat deflector to allow the fish to bake and not just char! A couple of key pointers to remember […]

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Pea, Bean, Asparagus & Parmesan Salad

With Summer in full flow it’s great to create side dishes inspired by what’s in season. This salad is packed with flavour as well as nutrients, and is so easy to prepare last minute or in advance. Pop it on the table with meats or fish this salad is a sure crowd pleaser.

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Beginners Guide To Smoking On Your BBQ

The use of wood chips to add an extra dimension of flavour to your food is easy to achieve in any charcoal or gas barbecue. If you own a pellet barbecue, the fuel wood pellets come in a variety of wood types so adding extra wood chips for smoke isn’t necessary.

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Top 5 Burger Recipes

In recent years the humble burger has been seriously elevated to a status like never before, thanks to ever popular street food markets and foodie festivals. While there are still some greasy meat wagons churning out rubbery burgers cooked from frozen, the appetite for a well thought out burger has definitely changed this food type […]

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Bank Holiday Weekend BBQ Menu

After an amazing week the weather seems to be cooling slightly, but there is still hope for another balmy weekend. Regardless of what’s going on outside it’s still a great excuse to light the barbecue and share delicious food with friends and loved ones. This menu is designed to be quick and simple while still […]

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