Guinness & Chocolate Cake, Why Not? Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve seen the fridge magnets that say, “I love to cook with wine, and sometimes a little even ends up in the food!” In this recipe that’s very much the case with 250ml of Guinness helping to keep the cake beautifully moist! Think of your classic chocolate sponge and intensify the depth of flavour from […]

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Dessert On A BBQ? Because You Can!

Dessert On A BBQ? Because You Can! Picture the scene, it’s a beautiful warm summers eve, you’re sat in the garden enjoying the company of friends, you’ve had a beautiful meal and you want something sweet to finish things off with. In the fruit bowl you just happen to have a pineapple, there’s a pot […]

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Fire-Up The Grill In 2016

Don’t you hate that situation where you have people over for a BBQ, it’s time to start cooking and the coals aren’t ready! I remember back in the late 80’s when my parents first bought a charcoal BBQ and the anticipation around it. I think we’d been pestering our parents to get one for ages […]

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My Foodie Mecca – Honeywell’s

I’ve often been asked where my love of great food comes from, and the answer is there are many sources. Firstly, mum was a great cook and baker, and growing up everything was made by her from scratch. We lived out in the Lancashire countryside and all around us were fields with sheep, cows, wheat […]

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