Hot Smoked Salmon Pate

In my previous blog I showed you howto take the centre choice cut from a side of salmon and turn it into a beautiful Salmon Wellington. The question is then what to do with the trimmings that are left over. This recipe is a God send because it takes care of the off-cuts and is […]

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Salmon Wellington

Salmon Wellington (Salmon en croûte) is a worthy centre-piece or alternate to adorn any table over the Christmas season. This recipe is take from Nigel Slater’s larger version, which uses 2 whole sides of salmon stacked one on top of the other with a cucumber filling. This smaller variety requires a 1.2kg centre cut piece […]

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Maple Mustard Marmalade Ham

This ham is an absolute stunner! I have cooked this at events the last few weeks since developing the recipe and it is a sure fire crowd pleaser! I love the intense orange flavour from a good marmalade, the balance of a savoury mustard note and the sweetness from the maple. During my years in […]

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Smoked Brined Turkey

Smoked turkey is a mainstay of BBQ joints in the US and until I began my career in the food industry I always thought that brines were a typically American technique too. That was until I started seeing what goes on behind the scenes in restaurants and at food festivals where white meats such a […]

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Beetroot, Red Onion & Pear Salad with Balsamic Dressing & Walnuts

This salad is such a fantastic combination of beetroot and pear which are in season right now. A website I use to check the seasonality of food, and one that is fantastically thorough is called Eat The Season. Knowing when something is in season means you’re getting it at its’ best, its’ freshest and with the maximum […]

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