Pulled Pork

I have a love hate relationship with pulled pork because when it’s done the authentic way it is a true barbecue sensory experience! The sweet, succulent and smokey strands of protein, with the right balance of seasonings, smoke and sauce are perfect when you’re in need of a classic barbecue soul food hit! Where I […]

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1st Time BBQ Buyers Guide

Choosing a barbecue can seem like a minefield for first time buyers as there are so many choices. This guide is set out to help you get educated on what it all means, so when you do finally walk into the barbecue showroom you are in control of your buying decision. My 6 Step Guide […]

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6 Steps to Get Your Gas Grill Ready For Spring

Cleaning is always a hot topic whenever I teach a class or give a demonstration, and people are always surprised when I say that for day-to-day cooking, a good “burn-off” of the grate is perfectly adequate. Well, it’s that time of year when some of you may not have used your grill much over the […]

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Onion Soup

French onion soup is a culinary classic that is hard to beat when it’s done right. Friends of mine at The Cartford Inn have their own version of this classic on the menu, but they are tight lipped on what makes theirs so good. With this as my inspiration, and a glut of onions in […]

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Lamb Kleftico

Lamb is such a delicious meat, and as we endure the colder days of Winter, a slow cooked shoulder just seems like the perfect food to come home to. For this recipe I’ve taken inspiration from the Greek dish Lamb Kleftico, which is essentially wrapping the shoulder in parchment with seasonings, vegetables and some cooking […]

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