Rick Stein’s Stuffed Chillies with a Walnut & Pomegrenate Dressing

The sixth and final instalment in my cookbook review comes from the Mayor of Padstow himself, Mr Rick Stein! His recent book and accompanying TV series Road To Mexico comes at a time when the trend for Mexican cuisine is truly burgeoning. This dish really evokes the atmosphere of a hot sunny day, and alfresco […]

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Slow Cooked Brisket Pie

British Pie Week is here again and this slow cooked brisket pie with a puff pastry is just the ticket, especially given the cold snap we’ve experienced the last few days. The filling can be made in advance if you don’t have time to make these beauties all the way through on the same day. […]

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Cauliflower Steaks with Harissa & Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

Cauliflower often has quite a lack-lustre reputation. You might have been forced to eat it as a child, boiled within an inch of its’ life, or parboiled and blanketed with a very tasty, but nonetheless thick coating of cheese sauce. More recently though cauliflower has enjoy a resurgence for it’s integral flavour, which is often […]

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Lamb Chops with a Pea & Bean Salad

Whenever I’m asked about my favourite food, I always talk about lamb chops. It’s the way the fat on the tail end of the chop goes all crispy and sweet, and I know I’m not alone from the way members of many an audience have reacted. It may be a British thing but there is […]

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Nigella’s Flash-Fried Squid with Tomato and Tequila Salsa

So Part 5 of my Christmas cookbook series had to go to Nigella Lawson, and a recipe from her brilliant book At My Table. I know so many people who watched the TV series that accompanied the book, which was brilliant by the way, and as always Nigella can do no wrong. My only fear with writing a […]

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