We believe that cooking should be accessible to anyone and everyone, and that it all starts with a bit of education. Education stops people feeling intimidated by food. If you know where your food comes from and have grasped a few basic kitchen concepts, you’ll understand how to cook it in a way that really works, allowing its natural flavours to sing.

It’s about learning that food works in moderation. Don’t stoop to eating cheap meat – splash out and eat great meat, less frequently. Vegetables play a key part in everything we do. They’re not just a pretty way to add colour to a meat dish – they can be the hero of a meal too. They add a beautiful element of variety, and are the key to sustainable cooking. It’s just about learning how to cook them right.

That’s why we run interactive cooking workshops and demonstrations, helping people to connect with food in a down-to-earth kind of way. Food is about bringing people together. Every meal is an occasion, and good food really does lift the soul. We’re all about helping people to experience that, and empowering them pass on the skills they learn to others, creating a really sustainable movement.

“Barbecuing is a way of life. It’s about bringing people together over a table cram-packed with food and laughter, and a mutual love of that smoky, juicy barbecued flavour. It’s about breaking down barriers, pressing pause on the world and enjoying the now.”

Richard Holden