Roasting A Turkey on the BBQ!

Roasting A Turkey on the BBQ!

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In my parents’ generation people talked about entertaining whenever they had guests at the house for a dinner or special occasion. That definition may sometimes be a little lost, but with the Christmas decorations in-place, I can’t think of a more theatrical stage setting for such a special time with loved ones.

With any production you have leading actors and a star of the show. For Christmas the star of the dining table has to be the Christmas Turkey so why not ramp up your level of showmanship and cook the bird on the BBQ!

Roasting on your BBQ requires a lid, a steady indirect heat source and a little practice before December 25th.

To create an indirect heat zone on a 3-burner gas BBQ you would light the 2 outside burners and leave the middle one off. With the 2 outside burners on a medium-medium high heat and the lid closed, the heat inside the cook-box will build. You can adjust the temperature up or down using both outer burners and roast the turkey in the centre zone. This heat setup can be replicated on a charcoal kettle style BBQ in the same way.

My Top Tips for a Beautiful Christmas Turkey roasted on the BBQ.

  1. A clean BBQ cook grate will avoid flavour transfers from previous cooks.
  2. Be sure you have enough fuel to get you through the cook. For charcoal BBQ’s, add a little charcoal often to maintain the temperature.
  3. Remove the turkey from the fridge 2 hours before it will go on the BBQ. The meat will come up to room temperature to give a more even and slightly quicker cook.
  4. Cook uncovered until the outside of the bird achieves a beautiful golden colour. At this point cover with tinfoil to stop it going any darker.
  5. Check your turkey is cooked by using a digital temperature probe. Follow your cooking time guidelines but remove the turkey when the deepest parts of the breast meat and legs reach 75c. Remove from the grill and rest covered in a warm place for at least 1 hour.


Excellent instructions. With some trepidation I tried cooking the turkey on our ceramic Kamado style BBQ for the first time this Christmas. Thankfully everything went well (unusually mild weather helped) and it went down a real treat! Much tastier than cramming it in the kitchen oven.

Hi UK BBQ Recipes. That sounds Fab! After Christmas 2015 I was relieved to have a mild Christmas day this year too. Just finished a 3 day food photo shoot where we cooked a few Christmas treats for this coming December and my goodness the results were delicious! Golden, crispy in the right places, and juicy as you like! 🙂 Appreciate your feedback on the instructions.

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