We run bespoke product demonstrations for a range of barbecue brands, showing both retailers and consumers how much we love a product and why. We work with each of our clients to create a demo format which is friendly, informative and inclusive in style, and which will complement the overall theme of their event.


About our demonstrations

As chefs and industry experts ourselves, we reckon it’s impossible to understand a barbecue accessory without seeing it in action – doing the thing it was designed to do. Each demonstration we run is therefore focussed on one brand and is dedicated to bringing the product to life, showing its versatility and using it as a pivotal instrument in creating a beautiful dish. It’s about demonstrating how a product can fit into the consumer’s daily life, making cooking a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Brands we’ve worked with in the past include the likes of Weber and Electrolux.

We’re professional chefs ourselves, and food is therefore the hero of all our demos. Quality is never sacrificed at the expense of making a product look good, and we only work with products that we really believe in and use ourselves.

Live demonstrations add an element of theatre to any food event and are a definite way to engage with the crowds. From small occasions to food festivals of over 500 people, we’ve demoed on-stage at an incredible range of foodie events across the UK.

Booking your demonstration

If you’d like to attend a pre-organised demonstration, check out our events page for more information. If you’re interested in organising a demonstration for your event or some product training for prospective retailers, please get in touch using the details below, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.