Staff Training & Consultancy

Good training is completely essential, when it comes to sales. Once your staff understand the key principles of both indoor and outdoor cooking, and have put the equipment they’re selling to the test, they’ll really understand the consumer mindset and be much better equipped to confidently answer any queries or concerns your customers might have.


How our staff training works

Training your staff in the art of great barbecuing isn’t just an investment in them – it’s also an investment in the future success of your business. Because there’s nothing less effective than a salesperson that has never used the product they’re trying to sell. That’s where we come in. As chefs and industry experts ourselves, we use our clients’ products to cook up a range of dishes on the barbecue, giving staff the opportunity to really understand the products and how they would fit into a consumer’s lifestyle. Our training sessions are interactive and hands-on, enabling staff to ask questions and really get to know and love the products they will be selling.

When helping a customer make the right choice, it’s important that you’re able to answer their questions and concerns with authority and certainty. This is made much easier if you have a real knowledge of the different products, the differences between individual models and how they’re intended to work. With years of product know-how and practical BBQ experience, we can work together to develop your sales team not just to make the initial sale, but to gain the trust and respect of the consumer, so that they turn into loyal customers.


These are just a few of the ways we can help you grow your business:

Knowledge builds customer trust – and sales!

The worlds of barbecuing and butchery are massively interlinked. With a background in both butchery and cheffing, we can teach your staff the best ways to cook each cut of meat, which will in turn help increase customer confidence and result in even more sales.

Why do they need training? Quintessentially British BBQ’d specials are fantastic, but to step things up, your staff could be demonstrating show-stopping roasts cooked on the BBQ! Dishes that will draw a crowd, enhance your reputation and bring customers back time and time again. Low n’ Slow is the cornerstone of excellent BBQ and, with some guidance and support from us, it can really build your company’s credentials and set you apart from the competition. Your company can become known for your barbecuing expertise.

Check out the following link for a quick glimpse at some work we’ve done in the past, in collaboration with the AHDB Beef & Lamb:


We are available for freelance consultancy work, and new product development advice. We work with companies to share our knowledge of barbecuing, helping them to develop exciting ‘of the now’ products, which will both grab the crowds and complement their existing range.

For more details or to discuss other opportunities please contact us using the details below.