Top 10 BBQ Tips in Collaboration with Thermapen

Top 10 BBQ Tips in Collaboration with Thermapen

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It’s the time of year when the topic of BBQ isn’t too far from people’s lips, and this week saw my Top 10 BBQ Tips published on The 10 Things website in collaboration with Thermapen Thermometers.

I was over-the-moon when I heard Thermapen were planning this campaign because cooking with the aid of a thermometer doesn’t seem to get the airtime I believe it should. The use of temperature probes in a commercial kitchen has been commonplace for decades for environmental health reasons, and thankfully the practice is being adopted by the home cook.

Most people I speak to really love the technology for making sure their chicken products are fully cooked without needing to cut into them. The same can be said for all meats and the Thermapen products all come with a handy temperature reference leaflet in the packaging!

There are so many ways you can use a thermometer in your cooking I feel a dedicated blog post coming on, but for now check out my other 9 Top Tips by clicking this link, and don’t miss the opportunity to win your very own Thermapen digital thermometer!

*No merchandise was received from ETI Ltd in exchange for this Top 10 Tips collaboration.

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